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Since 1993, Campus Safety has been the brand that school, university, and healthcare facility protection professionals know and trust. CampusSafetyMagazine.com exclusively serves police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers, facilities directors, risk management professionals and executive administrators responsible for the public safety, security and emergency management of educational and healthcare campuses in North America.

Our Readership

CS subscribers generally are those individuals involved in the higher-level decisions related to all aspects of hospital, school or university safety, security, emergency management and facilities management. These subscribers include:

  • Police & security management: campus police chief, director of public safety & security, assistant chief, assistant director
  • Facilities & operation management: vice president, director of facilities, director of operations, director of physical plant, director of maintenance, assistant director
  • Administration & finance: vice president, director of administration, director of purchasing, director of finance, assistant director, chief business officer
  • School/district superintendent: district superintendent, superintendent of schools, assistant superintendent
  • Technology & communications management: CIO, director of MIS, director of IT systems, director of communications

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The Campus Safety Conferences are 2-day intensive events for administrators and public safety officials, technology directors, risk managers, security and law enforcement executives from all over the world looking for solutions to their campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges. Learn more.

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